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Whisker Wars

Ode to a German Beard Championship
A personal story

The Art of Sunsets

The late William Safire once said: Any past event is historical, but only the most memorable ones are historic. Our Newsletter called The Vanguard represents a current selection of information about important events of history occurring on this date. The page gleans from a year's worth of such items that we have placed on this Website. Some might liken this offering to a Book of Days, but it was never meant to be that type of isolated rendering. The text presents thoughts, many inter-related, about today's world and how our civilisation has revolved from the past. It is not meant to be comprehensive, and on some topics it is quite redundant, but not in my view needlessly repetitive. If you can get by the bad spelling and typos, inconsistent format, hot links that no longer work, bad french, poor puns and clear (and not so clear) biases, then this effort may have worth to you -- at least entertainment value. Come back often, as we change nearly on a daily basis. You may go directly to our newsletter, The Vanguard, this month's historic harvest or start exploring the pages on this Website from links below. -- bonne chance mes amis:

Celtic/Frank History -- Germaniæ Historiæ -- Anglo Saxons -- Parisian Art

A few French Cities HERE -- German and Swiss City Links -- Luxembourg -- Georgia's Golden Isles -- French Stamps

Baseball Cards -- "In the Beginning"

East German Stamps-DDR     Early US Stamps

Austrian Wines (a balanced approach) -- Bremen, Hamburg und Hannover -- Engelberg -- Bad Schussenried

see also links to the Rheingau Wine region -- Ahr Wines -- Craft Beer in Italy

Paris -- Art -- Cumberland Falls -- Some Mountains in Southern France (understated)
Images of 1916 coinage, Early Roman Emperors, later Roman era, Byzantine Coinage -- Irish Copper Colonial Coinage (US) -- Stamp Link for John -- Verses and such -- US Gold Coinage (a small sample)

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