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Bercy in Art -- An Ancient site in Paris


les pirogues (1991) -- http://www.ina.fr/economie-et-societe/environnement-et-urbanisme/video/PAC9203101576/memoire-pirogues-de-bercy.fr.html (1992)
Une découverte majeure a été faite sur le chantier de Bercy à PARIS : 3 pirogues datant de 4000 ans avant JC ont été mise au jour. Ce sont les plus vieilles ambarcations trouvées en Europe.

The archæological site found at the Village of Bercy represents an Early Neolithic settlement for the region (4500-2000 BC). It lies next to the Seine River (métro Cour Saint-Emilion -- ligne 14 (ancien "Météor")) within the city limits of Paris, south and east of the city centre. Excavations conducted during the 1990's recovered at least six dugout canoes -- pirogues. The oldest was carbon-dated to 4500 BC, a fact that makes Bercy one of the earliest known sites for the use of these boat types by "hunter-gatherers" -- Cerny culture. see http://www.arc-nucleart.fr/an/Actu/collectio.htm

Bercy: A Place of Boats and Wine


Wine Barrels at Bercy

Paris: Quai de Bercy — La Halle aux Vins, ca. 1872 -- Same Picture at Art Net

Situated on the right bank of the Seine river, Bercy was connected to the wine region of Burgundy via the river. The Bercy area also had a train station, now dismantled, which served as a direct line to the wine country. http://www.paris-walking-tours.com/parcdebercy.html Today it is crossed by the Périphérique to the south, metro lines under-the-ground and above, and many more roads.

An Impression of Bercy in the Snow (1875) -- When Bercy was in the country

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