Who was Ludwell GRYMES ?

Ludwell GRYMES (named after his mother's maiden name) was born April 26, 1733, in Middlesex County, Virginia. He was christened on May 6, 1733, at Christ Church, in Middlesex, VA. He died before 1795. Ludwell was the youngest of 10 children (3 died young before he was born). Ludwell was the owner or co-owner of between 10 and 20 thousand acres in Virginia (Orange, Gloucester and Caroline Counties). The Orange County VA records of 1795 show an account of John D. Grymes (his son), who was the administrator of the estate of Ludwell Grymes (born 1733), in which he charges for expenses incurred by travelling to Williamsburg to attend suits in the high court of chancery, between Ludwell Grymes and Rev. Walker Maury, and by having the graves of his father and mother paled in (defining boundaries (like a fence or wall) or setting apart by a distinctive markers).

Illustration by Joeseph Christian Leyendecker Mary Grymes, who was the wife of Ludwell Grymes, was Mary Dawson by birth. She was the daughter of Reverend William Dawson, the second President of the College of William and Mary. Lucy Grymes, (Ludwell's first cousin by Charles and Frances Grymes) was born April 26, 1734, and is the Lowland Beauty who rejected George Washington in order to marry Henry Lee. Cousin Lucy became the mother of Light Horse Harry, the father of general Robert E. Lee. Colonel John Dawson of Williamsburg, who was Mary Dawson's brother, married Mary Johnstone, the daughter of Governor Gabriel Johnstone, of Edenton, NC. Rev. Dawson's second wife was Elizabeth Bassett (née Churchill) -- yes, she is a direct descendant of the same family that can claim Winston Churchill's fame -- she is also a direct descendant of a Pilgrim family (Oldham). Phillip Ludwell Grymes is not the same person as Ludwell although about the same age. The former married Mary Randolph, also a cousin, and he is Ludwell Grymes' nephew by an older brother named Phillip.

An obituary, appeared in the Nashville, Tennessee, Republican Banner, April 15, 1852: Died -- On Wednesday, March 31st, 1852, at the residence of her son-in-law, W. C. Richmond, Esq., of Robertson County, Tenn., Elizabeth Johnstone Moore, relict of the late Rev. William Moore, in the 87th year of her age .... W.C. wrote the obituary. Mrs. Moore was born in Gloucester County VA, and was the second daughter of Ludwell and Mary [Dawson] Grimes (or Grymes). She was named it seems for persons important in her mother's life (a sister-in-law and step mother). Her sister married Rev. Walker Maury. Her parents later migrated to Burlington VA (then the county seat in Orange County). There, Elizabeth married the Reverend William Moore, who was an itinerant (rode the circuit) Methodist minister. The newly-weds settled in Fluvanna County VA, where they remained for a few years. Later they moved south to the vicinity of Milton, NC, where they raised a family of three girls. In 1820 (at about the time of her husband's death), she moved to Robertson County TN. Two of her daughters moved to Robertson County, too (possibly before her). W.C. Richmond married one of her children; another daughter married Francis Durrett (a family name of Huguenot lineage). The obituary goes on to say that she was descended from pure old Virginia blood, being connected with the Lees, Pages, Randolphs, Maurys, and Dawsons [by birth or marriage], and was a woman of great vivacity of spirit in early life, of unbounded benevolence and charity, a great talker and fine reader, in a word the idol of her company, but in after life she became much afflicted and was subject to great melancholy, and a few years before her death lost her eyesight, which deprived her of her last earthly enjoyment, reading. She lived to see her fourth generation, and wore out the cord of life thread by thread until the last fibre parted and she died without a struggle. She was a member of the Baptist Church thirty years before her death. see THE WILLIAM AND MARY QUARTERLY, Volume 5: Number 3 (Jan., 1897), pp 208-209

Another DAWSON family note: Reverend Musgrave Dawson (minister of Raleigh parish (1754) in Amelia County and St. Mary's (1755) in Caroline County) was a brother of Rev. William Dawson, 2nd President of William and Mary College and Rev. Thomas Dawson the 4th President of William & Mary. Rev. Musgrave married Mary Waugh, daughter of Alexander Waugh in 1757. Alexander's will was proved in Orange County VA in January 23, 1793. Their son was John Dawson (mentioned in his grandfather's will), who graduated at Harvard University, was a presidential elector in 1793, was congressman from olde Virginia from 1797 to 1814. He died March 30, 1814, in Washington City (another name for the District of Columbia), at age fifty-two. He was an exquisite in dress, and was familiarly known as "Beau Dawson."-- See THE WILLIAM AND MARY QUARTERLY, Vol II., pp 51, 153.

See also The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, Volume 27 (Virginia Historical Society by William Glover Stanard), pp 403-413 which has an account of Ludwell's Legacy.

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