Robert McMurry -- War of 1812

Lealan McMurry at age 16 in 1875From the War of 1812 Pension records (1855 age 60) and 1871 age 77)) we find Robert McMurry:

1. Private in a Company commanded by Capt. George Chapman (2nd Regiment-TN Militia- Col. Archer Cheatham) in the war with the Creek Indians: Drafted at Springfield 1814 for a term of 3 months-served 3 mo. 15 days (116 days): Honorable discharge May 10, 1814 at Fayettsville (Fayetteville).

2. Received a warrant for 40 acres under the Act of September 28, 1850, which warrant (# 20, 719) he sold or otherwise transferred. The application in 1855 was for an additional bounty under an Act dated March 3, 1855.

3. The Application of September 5, 1871, was for an additional pension (Act of February 14, 1871) Claim #24620:

a. His wife was Jane Long married November 30, 1820. b. Residence: 10th District, Robertson County about 6 and 1/2 miles east of Springfield TN

c. [President] General Andrew Jackson's Division, Battle of Horseshoe {Bend}, Mississippi Territory in what would become the State of Alabama.

d. Did not give aid to the South, nor comfort, nor excercised any government function during the Rebellion -- subscribes to loyalty oath and submits affidavits in support of character (and averments aforesaid).

e. Received $8/ month -- Federal Record shows 28 January 1814 to May 23, 1814 as service (Vol. TN page 122).

Note: Battle of Horseshoe Bend (Tallapoosa River) against the Red Stick Creeks (1000 enemy) was the event along with the Battle of New Orleans that propelled Jackson into National prominence. He fought (2700 regulars) with other Native Americans (600), who he later forced out of the South during the Trail of Tears. Only 200 of the enemy in 1814 escaped (into the Florida swamps). The Battle took place on March 27, and by April 9th a Treaty transferred 23 million acres to the US. Sam Houston (a future governor of TN and Texas) served as a 3rd Lieutenant, receiving a wound that troubled him for the rest of his life. The campaign was the direct result of the Massacre at Fort Mims (north of Mobile). see;

Also at the battle was John Ross. A Native American, he was adjutant to Revolutionary War hero Colonel Gideon Morgan (also known as A’gansta’ta (Oconostota) out of respect) who led a regiment of the Cherokee in the War of 1812 against the hostile Creeks in such battles as battles of Tallasehatche, Talladega, Auttose and Horseshoe Bend. Ross, after that conflict, became a wealthy planter and in 1827 moved to Georgia.

Home of WF and Lealan Shannon - Cross Plains TN

Home of William Francis and Lealan [McMurry] Shannon - Cross Plains TN (near Owens Chapel Road)

Lealan McMurry (pictured above) was the dauaghter of Eli McMurry, the granddaughter of this Robert McMurry and the great-granddaughter of Samuel McMurry the second. She married Reverend William Francis Shannon. From this happy union came Lealan Shannon (the second Lealan), the grandmother to the third Lealan and great-grandmother to the fourth Lealan.

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