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The Stephens Great-great-grand-Parents of J.L. {Stephens} LaRoche who married William W. LaRoche (Jr.)


Parents of J.L. {Stephens} LaRoche

John Alexander Stephens (P1961674)

m Louisa {Cash} Stephens (P1961690)


Grand-Parents of J.L. {Stephens} LaRoche



Robert Stephens (P1966813)


Martha Stephens (P1966818)



Freeman Melvin Cash (P1966857)


Theodocia Louola Cash (P1966859) 






Great-grand-Parents of J.L. {Stephens} LaRoche




***To: (January 2008)

I just ran across your Website -- great job. I have restarted mine under the name, which will have some family info (but nothing as detailed or well-written as yours).

I have spent the year (on and off) working on putting together an on-line family tree. The site is at time slow to load and some information placed by other family memebers about the LaRoche family origins I cannot confirm, but generally all has gone well. For example, see my Grandfather (mother's family) Family Tree:

I found out by reading your site that you have Perkins connections which go back to early Virginia. We may be cousins through this line !!! My Grandmother (mother's family) is found at: My Grandmother's, grandfather (her mother's side) was Logan Perkins ( There are many Perkins, and many with similar names living at the same time, so tracing them can be difficult. This year I broke past the barrier that had blocked me in the past, through the help of a Stephen's cousin that I did not know about.

My Logan and his wife, Susannah Jenkins (his sister) and the Widow Mary Perkins, along with several younger Perkins' children moved to Habersham County, GA -(later became part of Banks County)- where the widow is buried. The Widow's maiden name was thus probably Jenkins. A Mary Ann Jenkins married William Perkins (she a daughter of Elijah Jenkins) -- so Logan was probably this William's son. A Fanny Carpenter and Logan Perkins married before coming to Georgia. David Jenkins was the bondsman for marriage (in Lincoln NC) This Perkins line is reported to go back to early Virginia and Robert Perkins of Devonshire England. But this may rest on inconclusive proof, as other Perkins' geneologies do not show Logan as the son of the William who is of English descent, and certain other dates don't match perfectly. There are other records showing that a Mary was a wife of a William Perkins who died in SC, he being of Native American descent (but not Cherokee). So it is possible that Logan comes from Aldonquin rather than English stock.

The Perkins family may be of Scots-Irish descent, immigrants to Virginia and the Carolinas, although my grandmother thought some part of the family might have some Cherokee, as well as, Dutch blood. She was correct about the dutch part, I recently confirmed a Pennsylvania "Dutch" connection to a German family named Marsteller). So perhaps, my Grandmother's belief about the Perkins' "Cherokee" connections may just be partially correct, too. More detail is here:

Thus while we may not be Perkin's cousins, we still remain cousins (the Watkins, Walton lines) thru George Washington Watkins and his daughter Eliza, who married Oliver Augustus LaRoche of Savannah GA. Hope the Christmas Season was good to you -- W. LaRoche.

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