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INTRO-How this works: We begin with me and my spouse. Our the family trees of our grandparents (8-4 each) are then linked to each Grandparent's name. Further family trees showing people beyond the next 4 generations are viewable by going to the last person (greatest generation) and following directions to center a family tree on that person. When you hover on the box an arrow appears to the right, which you click on. Eventually this page will have additional "Highlight" links. Please Note: Genebase can be very slow at times, so be patient, please.

Start Place
for William W. LaRoche
for Lealan D.P. LaRoche
Paternal Grandfather
William Walter LaRoche, Senior
Follow Eliz. Martha Watkins back to Adam
William Roy Pouder
Interesting possibilities
Paternal Grandmother
Ruby Eloise [Phinazee] LaRoche
Don't miss the West family link
Lucy Marie [Broyles] Pouder
Every link a treasure; find the Pitts,
follow Carter & Chew Taliaferro, too
Maternal Grandfather
John Alexander Stephens
Follow Elender Clearwaters and the Morgan links
Hugh Russell Dorris
Eleanor is the way to the Kimbrough and Graves
Maternal Grandmother
Louisa [Cash] Stephens
Catherine Mosteller goes back the furthest
Lealan [Shannon] Dorris
Latimer then Witherell is the Pilgrim's Way

Challenges: (1) Count all the Civil War Vets (most marked CSA); (2) Count all the REV War soldiers (3) How many Scottish family names ?? (4) True Irish ?? (5) Scottish Irish ??? (6) Huguenots ?? (7) Ministers, Priests or Elders (8) Those who died in battle or from battle-related injuries ?? bonne chance mes amis !!!

Added: 02/11/08